Skarpaz 10″ Dado Set D1024

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These stack dado sets have built their own reputation for reliability and accuracy. Extra large carbide tips are used to the outside blades and chipper teeth. Precision grinding ensures a perfect flat bottom cut dado with slight scribes on both sides of the dado. Packed in a wood storage case. Each set consists of two (2) outside blades and the following two (2) wing chippers: 1 1/4″ thickness; 2 1/8″ thickness; 1 1/16″ thickness.

Dia       Tooth            Kerf                Bore

10”         24T        Max. 13/16”         5/8”

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Weight10 lbs
Dimensions5 × 13 × 13 in



Skarpaz Saw Blades - high performance circular saw blades for cutting of wood, composite materials, plastics, non ferrous & ferrous metals.